Top Safe Driving Habits


Driving is an art, and like many arts, it takes time to master it. But even veteran drivers can make foolish mistakes. In this blog post, we will tell you which safe driving habits you should immediately adopt in your driving style. Check our website for more info and free auto insurance quotes online.

  1. Road-trip-tipsDefensive driving. Defensive driving is a style in which the driver is always paying attention to surrounding traffic and it can quickly react to sudden changes. You must constantly scan the entire area around you, in order to identify potential dangers, make sure other drivers see you, and leave sufficient space around your vehicle for more time to react in emergency situations,
  2. Keeping speed within legal limits. Speed limits indicators are in place for a reason and are meant to keep the roads safe and prevent accidents. Moreover, drivers should slow down regardless of the speed limit posted when they are near construction zones, traveling on a narrow road, or there is extreme weather such as ice, snow, sleet or rain.
  3. Avoid distracted driving. Today’s digital age makes it difficult to keep focus solely on driving. Car accidents statistics show that texting and driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence. This is why you should put your cell phone down when you’re behind the wheel. Use hands free Bluetooth devices for phone calls. Do not take a snack or apply makeup until you’re parked.
  4. Provide adequate maintenance. Keep your vehicle in good shape. That means replacing fluids periodically, changing tires, bringing the car to technical inspections and so on. Make sure you do not drive a car that has any sort of problems. Otherwise you endanger not only your life, but also the one of other traffic participants near you.

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