How To Document Car Damage For Insurance Claims

When making a claim, you must provide solid proofs that the car was damaged.  Furthermore, you must either appraise the value of the damage, or provide a repair bill. Find out more about how to document car damage for insurance claims. Also, if you want to get top-notch coverage, use a car free insurance quote, from our website.

  1. car free insurance quoteTake photos. Take pictures of the accident scene and resulting damage. If possible, check if there are security cameras which may have been filming the accident when it happened. Having pictures or video that backs up your claim usually the best way of getting the claim settled faster. Not only should you take pictures of the damage itself, but also of the other vehicles involved and any other factors which may have led to the accident (weather, road condition, etc.).
  2. Get witness reports. Take down the name and contact information of any witnesses who are willing to testify regarding the accident. You can either write down or record witness accounts.
  3. Keep notes as your case progresses. Write the names and titles of people you speak with, including witnesses, police officers, insurance company representatives, and mechanics. The more documentation you can provide about various interaction with people and how they proposed to handle the situation will make filing the claim easier.
  4. Get repair estimates and bills. Get repair estimates from at least 2 vehicle repair shops. Even if the insurance adjuster came out and looked at the damage and proclaimed a value, do not settle the claim until you have obtained estimates from unbiased parties. The insurance company cannot force you to accept the initial offer an adjuster, and doing so could limit your options later if the costs turn out to be more expensive than the adjuster expected

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